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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Re: Samsung VR Problems


Hey again,

Just a quick follow up to make sure you got my email about Samsung VR. I'm a real person btw =)

Would love to hear from you.


Roland Dean
Tech Writer @ JoyOfAndroid.com

On Wed, Mar 22, 2017 at 2:54 PM, Roland D <rdean@joyofandroid.com> wrote:

Hey there,

I came across your VR piece - http://technetyes.blogspot.com/2015/08/techradar.html - It's an area I've been writing a lot about recently, obviously we're all anticipating VR to be 'the next big thing'.

In the case of Samsung VR (which you mentioned in the piece) the guys at Samsung could've ironed out a lot of issues before launching, but such is the corporate desire to be 'first to launch'.

I created a guide that I think would be useful to mention on your article - http://joyofandroid.com/problems-with-samsung-gear-vr-right-now-and-how-to-fix-them/ - Helpful for actual owners of the Samsung VR product, but also a good example of the annoying bugs it launched with and how VR still has a long way to go.

In return I would be more than happy to share your article on my social channel (We have over 25k followers). Would love to hear your opinion either way, VR is an area I'm deeply passionate about.


Tech Geek @ Joyofandroid.com

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